Key Documents & Handouts

Download and print program resources including flyers, handouts, consent forms, and marketing materials.

Care Team Connect Flyer & FAQ

Resources for Introducing the Solution to Families

  • Care Team Connect Flyer - This one page flyer provides a high level overview of the solution, including key benefits and engagemetn strategies.
  • FAQ Handout - Many families have questions about tablet setup, Wi-Fi, and costs of tablet. The FAQ handout is available as a Word document and can be customized for your team.

Agreement Forms Templates

Provide families & caregivers with a consent form to set expectations for tablet use  

  • Employee Agreement - The employee agreement template provides and overview of the solution and outlines intended use of tablets.
  • Family Agreement - The family agreement template provides an overview of how the solution works, expectations for tablet use, and a review of security and privacy features.

Discovery Handouts

Help families explore loved one's preferences

  • Music Index Handout (1930-1980) - Our team compiled a list of popular artists organized by decade and genre for suggestions within the app. The Music Index Handout provides teams with a printable version of the list.
  • Topics Index Handout - Our team created a list of popular engagement topics for a variety of topics including hobbies, work life, travel, spirituality, nationality, traditions, pets, TV, and radio.

Tablet Kit Welcome Packet

Provide teams with an overview of key engagement strategies & apps

  • Tablet Kit Cover Sheet Template - The cover sheet template can be customized to include the client's name and includes additional resources, such as the family-facing website address and thes support line phone number.
  • Personalized Music Handout - This handout includes an overview of personalized music engagement strategies and instructions for using the Amazon Music app for engagement.
  • Reminiscing Handout - This handout includes an overview of key reminiscing strategies and instructions for using YouTube to facilitate reminisicing sessions.
  • Care Team Connect Handout - This handout provide an overview of the Care Team Connect app and isntructions for sharing "moments" with the team.