Care Team Connect

Supporting caregivers and helping loved ones stay engaged

A person-centered approach to enhancing care for Alzheimer's and related dementias. 

Care Team Connect™ is an engagement solution for people that are living with memory loss at home. Families collaborate with home care providers to plan familiar and comforting activities.

Family members can share stories, music preferences, and photos to support caregiver engagement.

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Why Do We Want Your Input?

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... to Help Caregivers Build Relationships

Your input can help caregivers get to know your loved one.

light bulb icon Keep The Mind Active & Engaged

Familiar activities and coversation makes time spent together enjoyable.

talking bubbles icon Encourage Reminiscing & Storytelling

Sharing stories is a great way for care teams to bond.


STEP 1 Plan Engagement Activities and Topics

Help your team indentify meaningful topics and activities

There are several ways you can help your loved one's care team plan engagement. 

Use simple handouts or the Care Team Connect mobile app to:

  • Describe music preferences
  • Identify meaningful topics & interests
  • Share special photographs
music planning for dementia handouts

STEP 2 Personalize Care with Meaningful Engagement

We set up a tablet to help caregivers with engagement activities  

Based on your feedback, we will customize a tablet with: 

  • music playlists
  • a personalized profile
  • photos from family
  • games & other apps of interest

Not only can the tablet help facilitate activities, but it can also help caregivers get to know the client. They can use insights from loved ones to spark conversation, plan outings, or make other types of connections.

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STEP 3 Follow Updates via an App for Dementia Care Teams

Download the Care Team Connect mobile app to follow updates from the care team  

Caregivers can share uplifting moments directly to your personal smartphone or tablet, using the Care Team Connect mobile app. 

Loved ones can follow caregiver updates via the activity feed. They can also stay involved by adding additional photos, stories, or other suggestions in real time.

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Describe Music Preferences

Personalized music can help teams:

  • Improve mood
  • Aid in relaxation
  • Stimulate the mind
  • Evoke memories

Get started sharing music preferences by listing favorite genres and artists.

Need inspiration? Our team created an index of popular musicians from the twentith century.

Get the Music Planning Worksheet
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Providing music suggestions can help your loved one's care team build personalized playlists that become part of the care routine.

Share Meaningful Topics

Knowing the topics that are most important to your loved one helps:

  • Spark conversation
  • Plan outings & activities
  • Build relationships
  • Earn trust

The easiest way to get started is identifying a few topics that are most important to your loved one.

Need inspiration? Our team created an index of popular topics for engagement categories, including hobbies, work life, travel, traditions, spirituality, culture, radio, and TV.

Get the Topic Planning Worksheet
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We all have certain topics and activites that bring us joy. Understanding your loved one's passions in life can help teams guide engagement.

Upload Pictures

Having access to special photos with descriptive captions can help care teams :

  • Get to know your loved one
  • Enhance feelings of connectedness
  • Encourage storytelling

Securely share photos with your team using the Care Team Connect app.

Interested in using the Care Team Connect dementia care app? Submit your information, and we'll be in touch!

Get the  Care Team Connect App
the care team connect app for dementia caregivers

Use the Care Team Connect app to privately share photos to a tablets that's stationed in the home.


The family that inspired the creation of an app for dementia care

Gerontologist Debby Dodds - the creator of the Care Team Connect approach - is also the primary caregiver for her mother who is living with Alzheimer's disease. 

Debby developed Care Team Connect to help other families leverage the power of music, reminiscing, and communication tools to bring joy into the lives of loved ones with dementia.

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Your home care agency will send a personalized invitation with instructions for downloading the Care Team Connect app. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

The app is free to download in the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store (Android).

Family members will have access to the app for 30 days after the termination of services. Upon request, authorized family members will also be sent an email with content (including photos) from the app. Afterwards, all content will be permanently deleted.

The Care Team Connect tablets are customized with music playlists, photos and app activities for your loved one. They are also set up with security and privacy settings to monitor usage and limit access to apps that are specifically designed for client engagement.

No. The tablets that are stationed in the home have built-in cellular data connectivity. If your loved one does have a private Wi-Fi network, utilizing it may improve the quality and reliability of the connection.

Participating home care agencies offer an extended free trial to ensure the Care Team Connect app is right for your loved one. Beyond the trial, there is a monthly fee to cover the cost of equipment, cellular data, and software licensing. Contact your local agency for pricing details.

Get the App

Are you interested in using the Care Team Connect dementia care app? 

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